Fighter Profile - An Interview with Grigory 'Crazy Mouse' Langavyy
Hi Grigory, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us.
Grigory: Hello. Hereby I will answer your questions. 
Firstly, can you tell us what life has been like during the lockdown and how you’ve kept fit?
Grigory: During the lockdown time I'm staying at home, studying, trying to keep training with my family.
Your nickname is ‘Crazy Mouse’, how did you get that?
Grigory: It was at the summer camp in Greece. On the last day were the team fights. I fought as good as I could and I was so fast that the organizer of the camp and trainer of the national team of Greece had called me by this nickname and I decide to use that.
Photo Credit: Em's Photos UK
How long have you been training for in total?
Grigory: I have been training 12 years.
Talk to us more about your club and coaches. What are their names and how have they helped you?
Grigory: 7 years ago I started to train in a big club with great history called CSKA Moscow. Over the years, my team have become a real family for me. My trainer is Andrey Kotov. He has influenced me not only as a trainer but also as a person. Thanks to him, I am who I am today, a good fighter and a good man, I hope :)
What has been your best achievement to date and why?
Grigory: The best achievement of my career was winning the Irish open in 2019 because this is the biggest tournament in Europe for sure. 
Photo Credit: Sean's Shots
Do you work outside of martial arts? If so, what do you do for work?
Grigory: No, but sometimes I help to my coach the younger fighters in my club.
How many days a week do you train? What is your usual training routine?
Grigory:. Twice a day, six days a week. In the morning I have a training with my brother, we do cross or technique training. After that I have some lessons in the University and then I finish with evening training.
Finally, what are your goals and plans within the sport?
Grigory: I’m looking forward to when lockdown finishes so I can start my training again and participate in different tournaments because this is my whole life as of now. 
Grigory, thank you for your time.