Fighter Profile: An Interview with Jack Felton
How old were you when you started kickboxing?
Jack: I started training when I was 7 years old.
Why did you start kickboxing?
Jack: I started doing kickboxing with my dad as a hobby. He had done martial arts before I was born.
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Who inspired you?
Jack: People that inspired me include: Marques Dumlao, Double Dose, Jason Tankson, Ninja, Robbie Mcmenamy, Jadi Tention, Raymond Daniels, Mike Pombeiro and Brian Plempel.
Who do you fight for?
Jack: I fight for the Allstar Squad.
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What are you most proud of within the sport?
Jack: Being able to be successful through different generations.
What’s your favourite tournament?
Jack: My favourite tournament is the Austrian Classics.
How are you managing to train with the COVID-19 outbreak?
Jack: It's been about the same, making some adjustments. I can’t go to some of my gyms to train and no sparring, but doing everything else. A lot of virtual sessions now.
How often do you train?
Jack: 8 days a week.
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Who are the three hardest fighters you have ever fought?
Jack: Raymond Daniels, Willie Hicks and Ross Levine.
What does it take to become a champion?
Jack: Becoming a champion takes determination.
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Thank you Jack, for your time.
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