Tatami Fighter Profile: An Interview with Tina Baloh
Firstly, can you give our members a history of your journey in the martial arts world?
Tina: Hello everyone. I started training when I was about 6 years old. My cousin inspired me to start because he was training at the time and I immediately fell in love with it and I've been training ever since. Over the years I've won almost every tournament I went to as a junior (I was ranked #1 in Juniors category for the whole year of 2018), except World and European championships. That changed back in 2018 when I was a fighting for the last time as a junior and I won my first World Championship title. At the beginning of 2019 I broke my nose and due to that injury and some other personal reasons, I took some time off from competing. My first big competition in 2019 was the World Championships for seniors in Turkey, which I won and became a senior World champion. I crossed probably half of my ''Winning bucket list'', some achievements aren't possible to achieve anymore (like winning Europeans as a junior), but most of them are as a senior so I'm excited to achieve them and cross them off.
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Tell us about your club and the role you play at your club.
Tina: I have been training in the same club now for about 14 years, it's called Pon Do Kwan Zagorje. I'm training a martial arts style called Pon do kwan – named after master Daniel Pond and I'm also training kickboxing. My role at the club is still the same as it was from day one – being a student. I am a black belt master in Pondokwan and sometimes I help with training the kids or help with pointfighting trainings. I don't think I play any specific role in our club, I just try to help motivate others to train and achieve their goals. 
What is your best achievement to date?
Tina: Winning the World championships as a senior. It still feels unbelievable.
What is your favourite technique and why?
Tina: I think most people know I'm more of a kicker than a blitzer so a simple or double side-kick is my favourite technique. It can be really effective if it's done properly.
(Photo credit: Em's photos UK)
How are you keeping fit during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Tina: I try and train at home as much as possible. Sometimes I go for a run/ hike or just do some stretching if I'm not feeling ready to train. But when I do, I focus on the basic things and conditioning mostly.
Who has been the toughest person you’ve ever fought and why? Tina: Henrietta Nagy or/and Keshia Keller because they're both really strong and smart fighters with much more experience than me. I think I always learn something different and new. Although it's hard to pick only one because every fight with a different opponent can be hard in its own way. 
Are you planning on attending the WAKO European Championships this year?
Tina: Yes I am planning and hopefully the tournament won't be cancelled due to Covid.
What do you do outside of martial arts in terms of work or study?
Tina: I'm studying Criminal Justice and Security. 
Thank you very much for your time Tina and keep well!
Tina baloh