Daniel Huxtable

Daniel, a seasoned Martial Arts practitioner who found solace and purpose in the discipline after facing bullying in school. Despite initial setbacks in competition, he persevered and went on to win World, European, and British Karate and Kickboxing titles across various associations including WAKO, ICO, WKA and WTKA. In 2019, Daniel was selected to fight for Great Britain as part of Team GB in the WAKO World Championships in Antalya, Turkey.

With a Degree in Design and a desire to create better equipment for fighters like himself, Daniel established Fightwear Store in 2015, whilst at University.

His story is one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. It all began in 2015, when our founder, Daniel Huxtable, decided to bring his childhood dream to life and launch his own Martial Arts brand. With years of experience in the world of combat sports, Daniel had a clear vision for what he wanted to achieve: to create a brand that was designed by fighters, for fighters. Daniel was always a keen collector of Martial Arts Equipment from when he started Martial Arts in 2003. By the time Daniel won his first World Kickboxing Title in 2010 he had quite the collection of Martial Arts gloves, and then decided one day he would create his own range of Martial Arts gear.

Fast forward to 2015 - the year Daniel won his third World Sport Karate Title. Daniel started to develop his own range of Points Fighting gear. He designed a range of gear which was completely different to what was on the market... a year later Fightwear Store was in full swing and already making its way onto the international stage.