Fighter Profile: An Interview with Carol Scacchi
Tell us about your club and your father, what role has he played? 
Carol: My father and our coach, founded his first gym 20 years ago to help the people of my neighbourhood, taking them off the streets. Thanks to him many people were able to train even if they didn’t have the economic possibilities. Over the years, because of my father's passion, we have become a great team that has won various World and European titles in multiple disciplines. It is very important for me to be part of this club, we are like a family that helps and supports each other. I have to say thanks to him that I have achieved my goals because he has always believed in me. My father was always there to celebrate with me the successes and support the failures. For this reason, he has played and still does play an important role in my fight career.
You’ve had a great career so far. Can you tell us what your favourite achievements have been so far?
Carol: It is not easy for me to choose which are my favourite achievements, because each of them has a different emphasis.  But, if I have to choose, I would definitely say the Junior World Championship that I won because it was a dream that became a reality after many years of hard work, also my first time winning the Irish Open and last but not least, the Final Grand Champion, always at the Irish Open, in 2019, because even though I didn’t win the first place, it was still a great success for me to reach the final. I’ve always admired my idols fighting there and to be there too was completely the best feeling in the world. 
How have you been keeping fit during the Covid-19 lockdown? 
Carol: This covid-19 lockdown allowed me to intensify the training, especially with regards to the athletic preparation. As I have more time for me, I train 2 times a day, once in the morning and once in the night and I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible.
What is your favourite tournament and why? 
Carol: My favourite tournament is the Irish Open because in my opinion, it is the most difficult competition, where the strongest athletes in the world compete and confront each other. The emotion of winning an Irish Open after hours of fighting has no comparison, it is something indescribable. I still remember the excitement when I competed for the first time back in 2009.
Tell us more about your academic life, what do you do away from martial arts? 
Carol: During my daily life I attend the “Foro Italico” University of Rome, that is a specifically dedicated to sports and movement sciences university . This faculty allows me to study motor sciences and to practice different sports than martial arts and it is really fun. 
What other sports do you like?
Carol: When I was a child I practiced classical dance. This represented an important part of my life because I started to dance when I was 4 years old and it has marked my whole childhood. Then in pre-adolescence I practiced dance and kickboxing at the same time until I had to make a decision: my heart led me to choose martial arts. The funny thing is that about 2 years ago I went back to dance for a show and I had a lot of fun. In addition to dance, other sports that I really like are artistic gymnastics and ice skating.
Finally, what are your life goals what are you hoping to happen over the next 5 years? 
Carol: With regards to my sporting career, I’d like to join the national team and win as many competitions as possible. I'd like to be one of the best fighters in the martial arts landscape. 
As far as my private life is concerned in the next 5 years I see myself graduating and with a job that allows me to cultivate my passions and to continue practicing the sport I love. I would like to live in the United States and travel as much as possible with my partner. 
Carol scacchi